Welcome to St. John Lutheran Church

"'Sharing The Joy Of His News' by growing inward through God's Word, Sacraments and Fellowship; and by growing outward
through words, actions and mission outreach.
" - St. John Lutheran Church

The Sunday Divine Service

The Divine Service is the center of our life of faith in Christ. It is normally celebrated every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. (Due to COVID-19, please see a temporary worship schedule for the upcoming week below...)

Parish Services


15th Sunday after Pentecost - Week of September 20, 2020

The following may well represent the schedule for the upcoming Worship Service, but please keep watching here for updates. Please know that evaluations continue to be performed during this fluid time.

  1. Sunday, September 20, 8:30 a.m. - Worship with measures in place: distancing and masks. Please sign up with "sign-up genius" when the email comes out - *This Service Live-Streamed - See Below - September_20_2020_Service_Bulletin.pdf
  2. Sunday, September 20, 10:00 a.m. - Worship with masks optional, church at 50% capacity, no registration
  3. Sunday, September 20, 6:00 p.m. - Worship with masks optional, church at 50% capacity, no registration

Members of St. John will be receiving information soon regarding how to register for the mask-required worship services. If you have any questions, or suggestions, please contact Pastor, Gary or one of the Elders. Every effort will be made to accommodate our visitors when needed.

We thank all who have been patient and understanding of our efforts to consider and try to meet the very wide desires and opinions of our members. We will continue to evaluate the worship needs of all members and adjust services as needed. We look forward to seeing all who are able to attend in-person worship this week. God’s peace in Christ Jesus be with you all.


Sunday Worship Service - Sunday, September 20th at 8:30 a.m.

From Pastor Toensing

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ - like lasagna. All kinds of different things layered together to make a good bite of food. Layers of noodles; and sauce-the more the better, but it can’t be too much; meat; ricotta cheese and mozzarella too! One summer when I was a camp counselor the cook made a meatless lasagna for everyone because one staff member was a vegetarian. I think it was made with spinach instead of meat. It was one of the most delicious lasagnas I had ever eaten. I can think of eight main ingredients that go into making lasagna, but there are more depending on the sauce you use and the spices you add. All those different ingredients, in the right measure, and layered out, go into making a wonderful meal. (Read more...)

Updated: 9.1.20

Personal & Family Resources

  • Be Still & Know - Free LCMS HOME Resources

    For Study
    Studying God's Word from Home
    Reaching people outside of your church, especially during a time of social restriction, can be incredibly difficult. See how you can learn and teach remotely with these Christian educator resources.

    For Study at Home

    Updated: 3.18.20
  • Be Still & Know - Free LCMS HOME Resources

    For Home
    Guide Learning beyond the Bible Class
    Christ’s love and message can be overshadowed amidst nervousness, uncertainty, and distress. Draw closer to Him during these times with devotional material to re-center on Christ while at home.

    Beyond the Classroom

    Updated: 3.18.20

    Everyday Faith Calendar - Free CPH HOME Resource

    For Family
    Everyday Faith Calendars for Family Devotions
    As a resource for your family to continue daily devotions during this pandemic, download the following Everyday Faith calendars for March & April. Each day on the calendar has a Bible verse to read and a thought or question to discuss as a family to remind you that, through everything, Christ is with you.

    March, 2020 Calendar April, 2020 Calendar

    Updated: 3.23.20

    Books of the Bible - Free Study Resource from CPH

    Books of the Bible
    Guided Questions for Bible Reading
    In these easy to use guides from Concordia Publishing House, you will find contextual information such as the author, purpose, and application for books of the Bible.

    Key phrases are selected to give and outline for the downloadable, question and answer study guide. The guide also includes themes for each passage to ensure that your devotion stays on track. New guides are added each month, so check them out for yourself!

    Download FREE Study Guides

    Updated: 3.24.20

Worship Services

Worship services at St. John are scheduled each Sunday and Wednesday. Sunday morning Communion services are held on the odd numbered weeks each month with non-communion services held on the even numbered Sundays. (Seasonally adjusted Service Times...)

  • Sunday Morning - 9:00 a.m.
  • Wednesday Evening - (Held during the Advent and Lenten Season - See Calendar during those months for service times.)


Sunday Bible Class

Join us on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. for adult Bible class where a variety of Christ centered topics are covered.

Jesus Christ brings the Gospel (from older English, "Good-spel," "good news") to the world. He announces that in His person the kingdom of God has come to mankind and that through faith in Him people might find new and eternal life. He is Himself the Good News, or Gospel.