Sunday School


Sunday School Children Offer Help to People in Need

October 31, 2021 - The children of our Sunday School have been brainstorming ways in which to use their offering money to help those in need. Through "Food For the Poor", they have purchased a fruit tree, 80 c hicks, a donkey, three little pigs, and a goat for families in the Caribbean and Latin American areas. These animals will provide food and income for those in need. We are very proud of their efforts as they enjoyed picking out the animals. They will continue to collect offering at Sunday School to support their next mission project.

Ages 3+ are welcome. 10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. Snacks, music, lessons and crafts!

If you would like to volunteer to teach or assist a teacher of a Sunday school class please contact a member of the Board of Education. Please let them know if you have any questions or concerns. God's Blessings - St. John Board of Education, Linda Lee, Kaylie Brethouwer, and Ashley Walker.